Curriculum Corporation
Video Research Project


The Curriculum Corporation Video Convergence in the Classroom Project consists of a series of whitepapers and sample video clips to be used as professional development resources. The whitepapers address the need for teachers to understand the principles within contemporary digital media; in particular, digital video. This will allow teachers to:

  • make informed decisions when commissioning multimedia products and services
  • effectively use current digital video production technologies, and incorporate digital video production into classroom activities
  • understand the issues and opportunities associated with the online distribution of digital video
  • consider the potential of digital video as a medium for the dissemination of their own professional development resources, and for communication with stakeholders including parents and school governing bodies.

The whitepapers have been developed for the Curriculum Corporation by convergent media specialist Michael Borthwick.

While each whitepaper can stand alone, the series as a whole explains:

  • how computers can be used for the acquisition of analog material and its storage in digital form
  • the problems associated with the storage and online distribution of large digital media files
  • techniques for compressing video that can dramatically reduce file sizes and mitigate distribution and storage problems
  • techniques available for shooting and editing educational video content to maximise the quality of the Compression process.