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The assessment resources for the Energy and change unit have been provided to support teacher use of diagnostic, formative and summative assessment.

In each of the three modules, questions are embedded in the student materials that generate discussion and elicit information about students' existing conceptions about energy, many of which will be alternative frameworks or misconceptions. The purpose of these diagnostic items is to help you become aware of common student misconceptions so that they can be challenged during the modules.

An end of module quiz has been included in these assessment resources, for each of the three modules. These quiz questions can be used for formative or summative purposes. Individual items can be used during the teaching of a module to elicit information about students' developing conceptions. Marking keys have been included that can be used to determine the level at which students are working (one to three stars) and to select activities at an appropriate level of challenge. The end of module quizzes can also be used as traditional summative tests for grading and reporting purposes. Separate marking keys have been provided for this purpose.

A bank of assessment items has also been provided from which you can select items for inclusion in an end-of-unit test for grading and reporting. The item bank includes objective, extended response and activity-based investigation tasks. Marking keys have also been provided for these items.

The assessment resources are organised into four sections:

  1. Assessment resources: Light
  2. Assessment resources: Electricity
  3. Assessment resources: Energy
  4. End-of-unit assessment resources.

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