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Questions to think about Overall management Strategies

Think about the questions below. How would you answer them? You will come back to these questions after you have completed this module so do not worry if you cannot complete them yet.

  • Joanne has found that the batteries in her torch are getting flat. So she points the torch downwards to help the electricity run to the globe. Will this help?
  • Torch in hand

  • Con said that using a light on a long extension means the light will take longer to come on because it will take so long for the electricity to reach the lamp. Is this true?
  • Lamp on extension lead

  • June noticed that television antennas are always put up high. She said this is because the higher it is, the more gravity will help the electricity to flow down to the television set. Is she right?
  • TV antenna

  • Mohammed said that electricity in the battery in his mobile phone is used up powering the phone. By charging the battery, more electricity is stored in the battery. Is he right?
  • Mobile phone
    Optional activities Hints

    Luigi Galvani and the frog legs
    The following websites provide information about the experiments of Luigi Galvani and frog legs.

    1. Read and discuss the story of Luigi Galvani and the frog legs.
    2. Why were his discoveries important?
    3. Would he be allowed to carry out similar experiments today?

    Teacher demonstration

    • What is in a light globe?
    • Why do old-fashioned light globes have a small 'pip' on top of the glass?
    • How long is the filament in a globe?

    Student section

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