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Introductory activity: Lighting the globe

How do you make the globe light up?
What to use Hints
Small light globe (eg 1.5 V) but without a lamp holder, 1.5 V battery, short pieces of uninsulated (bare) copper wire.
What to do
  1. Take the battery and one piece of bare copper wire only, and try to make the light globe light up.
  1. Draw a diagram of any successful ways that made the globe light up. Find an arrangement using two wires which makes the globe light up.
  2. Where did the wires have to touch the globe for it to light? Show this on a diagram.
  3. On a diagram in your notes, use a pen to highlight the part of the light globe that gave off light.
  4. Why did that part of the globe produce light? Is there any evidence to support your suggestion? The part of the lamp that produced the light is called the 'filament'. Look at the filament with a hand lens.
  5. Using a sketch, describe the appearance of the filament.
  6. Explain how the filament is connected to the metal parts of the globe. You could show this on a diagram of a globe. Link this answer to the answer to question 2 and explain what you think is happening.

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