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Safety warning

Electricity helps us in many ways but it can be dangerous. It can kill.

Electricity from batteries is safer, but you must exercise care. It is possible to receive burns from electricity produced by batteries or low voltage power supplies such as power packs if you are not careful.

How important is electricity in our lives?

Before you start your journey by catching the electric train, consider your actions and activities that have involved electricity today.

List these activities in the order that you did them, and list the device associated with the activity that used electricity. You may like to use a table such as the one shown to record your answers.
Electricity activities record

Discuss your list and the answers to the points below with the rest of the class or in a small group.

  1. Is electricity important in your life?
  2. Strategies Suggest up to five problems that you might have if you had to live without electricity.
  3. Are there any problems that arise because you use electricity for certain tasks or activities?
  4. Try to describe electricity.

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