Working in a team

Team jobs

You may be assigned a job within your team. Some possible team jobs are outlined below. While each team member has a specific job, all share leadership responsibilities. Each team member is accountable for the performance of the team and should be able to explain the team results and how they were obtained. You are, therefore, each concerned with the performance of all team members.


The manager is responsible for collecting and returning equipment. The manager also tells the teacher if any equipment is damaged or broken. All team members are responsible for cleaning up after an activity and getting the equipment ready to return.

Reports coordinator

The reports coordinator is responsible for ensuring team members have completed all necessary reports, data collections and relevant worksheets. The coordinator is not necessarily the team reporter or recorder. All team members can be called upon to report on behalf of the team. The coordinator ensures each member of the team has the necessary information so that they can report if required to the class.


The director is responsible for making sure that the team understands the team activity and helps team members to focus on each step to be completed. When the team has finished, the director helps team members to check that they have completed all aspects of the activity successfully. The director provides guidance but is not the team leader.


The speaker is responsible for asking the teacher or the speaker from another team for help. If the team cannot decide how to follow a procedure, the speaker is the only person who may seek help. The speaker shares any information obtained with team members. The teacher may speak with all team members not only the speaker. The speaker is not the only person who reports to the class. Each member of the team should be able to report on the results.

Team skills

To help your group work well you need to develop your team skills. As you improve these skills your team will function better and produce more.

Skills that improve the management of your group

Skills to improve group management are to:

  • move into your groups quickly and quietly
  • speak softly so only your team mates can hear you
  • stay with your group.

Skills that enhance learning

Skills to enhance learning are to:

  • contribute ideas to the discussion
  • encourage others to participate
  • question the ideas of others, but disagree with the idea not the person
  • modify your ideas when provided with new information.

Skills that help your group function as a team

Skills to help team work are to:

  • use the names of your team mates
  • look at the person speaking to you
  • listen to others without interrupting
  • praise others
  • treat others politely.

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