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Introductory activity: Using a globe, battery and switch

How can a globe, battery and switch be connected so you can make the globe light up when the switch is pressed?
What to use
Globe, battery, switch, wires.
What to do
  1. Find a way to join the globe, battery and switch that will make the globe light up.
  1. Draw a picture of how you did this.
  2. Refer to this diagram of an electric circuit in which the lamp lights up:
    Electric circuit with globe
    1. Would it matter if the positions of the switch and the battery were swapped in the circuit?
      Electric circuit switch and battery swapped
    2. What would happen if the lamp holder was connected the other way around?
    3. What would happen if the light globe was unscrewed a little while the switch is being pressed?
    4. What would happen if the battery is placed in the circuit the other way around?
      Electric circuit battery +ve and -ve reversed
  3. Try each of these to check your answers. Try to explain what happened.

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