book cover My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day
by Catriona Hoy

Picture book | 32 pp | Years 24

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Assessment tasks are dependent on the teacher's identified outcomes for the unit, the tasks selected, and the evidence that teachers determine is acceptable for the age group. Suggestions include:


Memories are evidence that we have learned something. We put something new with something old and make a new memory.

What new memories have you made from reading this book? What have you learned about your family? What have you learned about your friends?

A different perspective

This story is told from the little girl's perspective. Rewrite it, pretending you are one of these people:

  • her father
  • her grandad
  • her daughter
  • a soldier's ghost

Working together

Being able to work well together is an important part of learning, as we need to listen to and respect other people's ideas. Often, they have had different experiences that can help us understand a problem better, and maybe even help us to think in a different way.

Reflect on how well you worked in your group by thinking about these questions.

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