book cover Kokoda Track: 101 days
by Peter Macinnis

Paperback | 180 pp | Years 5-6

Getting Started

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Assessment tasks are dependent on the teacher's identified outcomes of the unit, the tasks selected and the evidence that teachers determine to be acceptable for the age group.

Changes in values and attitudes evolve over time as our expertise and experience grows and so cannot be measured. However, by exposing students to activities such as these, we start them on their journey of awareness of the wider world, particularly if we give them the opportunity and time to reflect on their learning.

Moving forward

Sixty-five years after the Kokoda campaign, Australia has signed a treaty with Japan which allows for the sharing of military intelligence and training, although it does not require them to defend each other in times of conflict.

Many older Australians whose memories of the impact of the Japanese battle plans and strategies remain vivid, are against this agreement.

Debate the notion that 'The leopard cannot change its spots.'


Even though it is impossible to put a quantitative value on the development of values, students should be given the opportunity to reflect on their learning by completing this reflections task.

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