book cover Refugees
by David Miller

Picture book | 32 pp | Years 58

Getting Started

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  • Assess products from action plans:
    • Peer assessment of poster. See the example.
    • Self-assessment of letter writing task. Students identify skills and knowledge required to complete the letter writing task and use these as a guide to develop an assessment rubric. The proforma provides a starting point.
  • Self-evaluation of the research skills used to complete research investigations. Adapt the example to reflect the requirements of the research task.
  • Peer assessment of debating teams. See the example.
  • Students assess their understanding of the value of Responsibility in the book and in their own lives in regard to their individual and group work responsibilities. See the rubric example.
  • Student self-assessment of their own development in understanding of the value of Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion through completion of a student learning log. See the proforma.

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