book cover The King of Large
by June Colbert

Novel | 175 pp | Years 58

Getting Started

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  • Students assess their own, and their group's, contributions to achieving a group task. Use the example as a starting point.
  • Student self-evaluation of achievement in the comic strip task. See the example.
  • Peer assessment of group skits. See the example.
  • Peer assessment of poster task. Use the example.
  • Individual assessment of research task. See the example.
  • Students self-assess their own understanding of the value of Care and Compassion through completion of a student learning log. See the proforma.
  • Students assess their understanding of the value of Doing Your Best as identified in the book and through the activities completed. Use the rubric example.
  • Students assess their achievement in the goal setting task. See the example.
  • Student self-assessment of diary writing task. Identify the criteria required to complete the task and develop the rubric proforma provided.

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