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Collection 3 Responsibility
  Collection 3 - Humour features a selection of books that deals with issues, themes and subjects that students in the middle years of schooling will enjoy and be concerned about. Each book explores a serious issue, such as bullying, coming of age and culture, in a way that is seriously funny. The books will provoke giggles, chortles and open discussion of the underlying issues. They have been carefully selected so that a range of student interest and ability is catered for. Students will gain valuable skills and experience as they read, discuss and analyse the selected texts. The engaging activities have been prepared by Karen Rodgers.

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Pop Starlets by Josie Montano
New Bjorn by Kathryn England
Chicken Pox... Yuck! by Josie Montano
Ferret Boy by Sue Lawson
Nips Go National by Sue Lawson

Nips Go National by Sue Lawson
Are you Listening by Lydia Sturton
Ferret Boy by Sue LAwson
Pop Starlets by Josie Montano
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