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Focus question 5: How does Australian parliamentary democracy reflect its British inheritance?

ESL activities

Handouts 7, 17, 18, 19

Teacher instructions

Conduct all activities.
Handouts 17, 18, 19.
Handout 7 wall chart.

Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Activity 3 | Assessment

Activity 1: Australia's form of government

Vocabulary: democracy, representative parliamentary democracy, politician, political party, independent, candidate, legislature, vote.

Activity 2: History Mystery Case - present day

Vocabulary: Head of State, governor-general.

Activity 3: Final report

  • Allow ESL learners to work with a student with better spoken English. Reduce the number of tasks if required.
Stories of Democracy


  • Check individual understandings by asking each member of the pair to explain parts of the report.
  • The Stories of Democracy CD ROM jigsaw game may be used as a substitute assessment.

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