Discovering Democracy Units
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The content of the materials is underpinned by four organising themes. Students will encounter these themes in different units from their middle primary years to the end of compulsory schooling.

Who Rules?

Within this theme the materials deal with sovereignty, the exercise and curtailment of power through government and law, the history and development of principles underlying Australian democracy, the development of rights and responsibilities of citizens, and the means by which citizens exercise their authority in a democracy.

Law and Rights

Within this theme the rule of law is examined: how governments are bound by law; equality before the law; and the independence of the judiciary. Also examined are the origins of Australia's legal system, and how laws are made in Australia, including the roles of constitutions, parliaments and courts.

The Australian Nation

Within this theme the materials deal with the establishment and nature of Australia's democratic institutions, changes in civic identity and the role of the nation state.

Citizens and Public Life

Within this theme the materials deal with the ways in which people participate in Australia's civic community, including the contribution of particular groups and people within and outside formal political processes.

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