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Focus question 4: Should Australia become a republic?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Activity 1 | Assessment task


Vocabulary: republic, head of state, British Isles, United Kingdom, British Empire, integrity, obligation, shilling, relied, destination, garrison, sever.

  • Discuss the introductory text with the class, clarifying vocabulary and concepts.

Activity 1: Class convention

  • Conduct Activity 1 as described, clarifying vocabulary and concepts.

Vocabulary (against a republic): democracy, cabinet, constitutional monarchy, colonies, unified and stable nation, governor-general, Prime Minister, premier, constitutional umpire, national debt, anthem, political stability, proven system, sovereign nation.

Vocabulary (for a republic): represent, unique values, tolerance, fair go, aspire, (swear) allegiance, diverse, deputy, common law, answerable, parliament, budget, governor-general, joint sitting, amendment, preamble, put a motion.

Stories of Democracy

Assessment task

Provide models of newspaper articles for ESL learners. Allow them to work in pairs and reduce the requirements of the task.

Alternatively, allow ESL learners to view the 'Making a Nation' segment on Stories of Democracy CD ROM and complete the game.

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