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Focus question 4: What are the key features of a democracy and how did the Nazis take them away? How is democracy in Australia protected?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct activities 4 and 5 only.

Assessment task | Activity 4 | Activity 5 | Unit assessment task

Assessment task

Stories of  Democracy

  • ESL learners work in pairs.
  • Construct a simplified table including columns 1, 2 and 4. Change the header of column 2 to 'How did the Nazis take them away'? Column 3 will not be used as ESL learners do not complete Activities 1 to 3.
  • Students copy six principles into column 1.
  • Students review both the timeline and the Stories of Democracy CD ROM to fill in column 2.

Activity 4: Democratic principles in Australia

Vocabulary: vigilant, dictatorship, genuine liberals, outrageous claims, to an extent, special interest groups, hurting economically, conservative, federal constitution.

  • For 4a ESL learners work in the same pairs as for the assessment.
  • For 4b have two students role play the conversation between Sophie and Sophia. Stop the conversation after each exchange to clarify the key point that is being made. Write the key point on the board and discuss. Continue in this way through the whole conversation.
  • Students copy the key points into their table.

Activity 5: Protecting democracy in Australia

  • Conduct 5a as a class discussion and joint construction.
  • Conduct 5b as a class discussion.

Unit assessment task

Use the assessment task at the beginning of this focus question.

For additional assessment, observe students working in pairs on the 'A Democracy Destroyed' segment of the Stories of Democracy CD ROM game. They will need to prepare in advance for this.

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