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Focus question 2: How and why was democracy lost in Germany in 1933?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct activities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. Activity 7 is optional.

Introduction | Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Activity 3 | Activity 4 | Activity 5 | Activity 6 | Activity 7 | Activity 8 | Assessment task


Vocabulary: monarchy, democracy, dictatorship, Nazi Party.

Activity 1: Research task

Vocabulary: constitution, depression.

Stories of Democracy

  • For 1a place students in groups of four.
  • Give members of the group, or pairs within the group, different aspects to research. ESL learners view the 'A Democracy Destroyed' segment of Stories of Democracy CD ROM in their pairs.
  • For 1b, each group constructs a timeline.

Activity 2: Voting patterns

Vocabulary: anti-democracy, absolute majority, Reichstag, Nazi Party, right, left, conservative, liberal, socialist, depression, inflation, prosperous recovery, stockmarket crash.

  • Prepare an OHT from the graph.
  • Conduct both parts of the activity as a class discussion.

Activity 3: The Nazi Party

Conduct activity part 3b only.

Vocabulary: nationalist, communist, propaganda, Reichstag, Chancellor, conservative, Führer, rally, symbols, spectacle.

  • Explain 'How the Nazi Party worked'.
  • Discuss the poster and photograph.
  • Place ESL learners in pairs to write the sentences.

Activity 4: Nazi policies

Conduct activity parts 4a to 4f only.

Vocabulary: socialist, communist, concentration camp, Social Democratic Party, republic.

  • Reproduce the information in 'Hitler's ideas and policies', reducing the number of policies and using more accessible language. Distribute as a handout.
  • Simplify the activity by constructing a two-column table with the headers: Nazi policies and Descriptor.
  • Explain the descriptors.
  • Work through a few policies and descriptors with the class.
  • Students, working in pairs or groups, continue the exercise.
  • Discuss Figure 1 'Membership of the Nazi Party, 1930' as a class.

Activity 5: Interpreting election posters

Conduct activity parts 5a to 5d only.

  • Place ESL learners in pairs to discuss the posters.
  • Pairs write a sentence for each poster, explaining the message.

Activity 6: Who voted for the Nazis?

Vocabulary: radical.

  • Conduct this activity as a class discussion.

Activity 7: Cartoon (optional)

Activity 8: Democracy destroyed

Vocabulary: chancellor, dictatorship, coup, Stormtroopers, Enabling Act.

  • Conduct 8a to 8e as a whole class discussion of the 'Destruction of democracy timeline'.
  • Students, working in pairs, write the answers to the questions to form a paragraph.

Assessment task

  • The storyboard option may suit ESL learners. Provide the pictorial information. Students place pictures in sequence and write a sentence for each. Alternatively, assess students on the basis of products from the activities.

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