Discovering Democracy Units
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Focus question 1: What are the features of a healthy democracy?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct all activities.

Activity 1 | Activity 2

Activity 1: The nature of democracy

Vocabulary: democracy, dictatorship.

  • Conduct parts 1a and 1b as a class discussion, constructing a final class set of principles on the board. Students copy them into their workbook.
  • For 1c, ESL learners work in pairs on Stories of Democracy CD ROM

Activity 2: Making a decision

  • Explain the scenario.
  • Conduct 2a as a class exercise, brainstorming reasons for and against.
  • Conduct 2b as described.
  • Continue with parts 2b to 2h as described, with ESL learners working in groups with students who have better spoken English.

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