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Focus question 4: What is Australia's record on Indigenous people's rights?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct all activities.

Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Assessment task

Stories of Democracy

Activity 1: Aboriginal people and human rights

Vocabulary: status, second-class citizens, amendment.

  • Explain the introduction to this focus question. Write the key facts on the board. Discuss.
  • ESL learners complete part 1a of this activity working in pairs viewing the Freedom Ride video on Stories of Democracy CD ROM. This video is accessed by selecting 'Search' from the Main screen. Type in the words 'freedom ride' and search the entire CD.
  • Discuss 1b.
  • Discuss 'Changes to laws' as a class.

Stories of Democracy

Activity 2: Securing human rights

Vocabulary: elimination, international standards.

  • Discuss 'The Racial Discrimination Act' as a class.
  • Students view the 'Human Rights' segment on Stories of Democracy CD ROM.

Assessment task

  • Assign the ESL learner a 'right'. Provide a structure for the report. Set fewer bullet points for investigation. (Match these to the information provided).

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