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Focus question 3: How do parties select policies and campaign for government?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct activities 2 to 7. Activity 8 is optional.

Introduction | Activity 2 | Activity 3 | Activity 4 | Activity 5 | Activity 6 | Activity 7 | Activity 8 Assessment task


Vocabulary: constituency, marginal seat, campaign, coalition, electoral pattern, 'swinging voters'.

  • Introduce the topic to the class, explaining the two main issues.
  • Explain the information in 'The 1972 election campaign' and the power of image and marketing.

Activity 2: Influencing voters

Conduct parts 2c to 2g.

  • Discuss the 'It's Time' song with the class - what does it say? Who would it appeal to?
  • Work through parts 2d to 2g as a class.

Activity 3: Liberal and Labor policies

Conduct parts 3a to 3d.

Vocabulary: economy, welfare, quality of life, external affairs.

  • Place ESL learners in groups with students who have better spoken English.
  • Groups work on the answers to questions in parts 3a to 3d for their selected area.
  • Take answers for each area from groups and sum up with the class.

Activity 4: Opinion poll analysis

Conduct parts 4a to 4b.

  • Place ESL learners in groups with students who have better spoken English.
  • Explain the example provided in the table.
  • Instruct groups to use the table as a model.

Activity 5: Collating the findings

Conduct parts 5a to 5c.

  • Conduct as described.

Activity 6: Opinion poll report

  • The report can be constructed as a pair response. Provide a structural outline for the report or some sentence beginnings. This report can constitute the assessment for ESL learners.

Activity 7: An Australian youth party

Vocabulary: party spokesperson, party platform, industrial relations, inflation, balance of payments.

Conduct parts 7a, 7b, 7c, 7e.

  • Conduct as described.

Activity 8: Youth party display (optional)

Assessment task

  • The report from Activity 6 can be substituted for this assessment task.

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