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Focus question 2: Who do Australia's political parties represent?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct activities 1, 2, 4 only.

Assessment task | Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Activity 4


Assessment task

  • Allow ESL learners to work in pairs on this assessment task.
  • Reduce the requirements of the task, for example, students prepare the poster or booklet for just one major party.
  • Explain the task.
  • Provide a structural outline to assist with organisation and selection of subheadings.
Stories of Democracy

Activity 1: Australia's political parties

Conduct part of activity 1a only.

  • ESL learners, working in pairs, view Stories of Democracy CD ROM. Note: Assistance may be needed with the opening slides which contain dense text. The remaining audio and text are more accessible.

Activity 2: 'Left' and 'right'

Vocabulary: left, right, free enterprise, socialism/socialist, centre, communist, social democrats, conservative, natural allies.

Parts 2c and 2d modified and conducted as a class exercise as follows:

  • Prepare the line diagram as a chart with red and blue ends and labels as shown. Photocopy the major political parties' symbols to use as stickers.
  • Explain the concepts of 'left' and 'right' and 'socialism' and 'free enterprise' using information from Briefing 2b.
  • Discuss key points about each party in turn.
  • Stick copies of the party symbols, or write their names, in the appropriate place as you work through the discussion.
  • Pairs select the party they will be working on and use the relevant text from Briefing 2a. Assist with difficult concepts or language as required.

Activity 4: The middle ground

Vocabulary: middle-of-the-road voter, tradition.

Conduct parts 4a, 4b, 4c only.

  • For 4a pairs read the component of Briefing 2d that relates to their selected party. Assist with difficult concepts or language as required.
  • Pairs complete 4b.
  • Conduct 4c as a class or group exercise.

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