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Focus question 6: What makes a good law?

ESL activities

Teacher instructionsHandout 15

Conduct Activity 1. Activity 2 is optional.
Handout 15 as an OHT.

Activity 1 | Assessment | Activity 2

Activity 1: Testing the law

Vocabulary: specific features, checklist, items.

  • Place ESL learners in small groups or pairs to develop the checklist and complete Handout 15.


  • As an alternative for ESL learners, prepare a cloze exercise that allows them to indicate they have understood the key concepts by filling in gaps in the text.

Activity 2: Future forum (optional)

Vocabulary: time traveller, scouting party, time machine, disappear.

  • If using the time machine idea, adapt the language so ESL learners can understand.
  • For 2e assign ESL learners a role they are comfortable with.

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