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Focus question 5: How are laws made in Australia?

ESL activities

Teacher instructionsHandout 14 as OHT.

Conduct all activities.
Handout 14 as OHT.

Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Activity 3

Activity 1: Mix-freeze-pair quiz

  • Before commencing 1a, pair each ESL learner with a student who has better spoken English. When the call to 'pair' occurs, these already constituted pairs will join with a single student to form threes. Consider using the word 'join' instead of 'pair'.
  • The ESL learner stays with their pair throughout the activity.

Activity 2: Making laws in Australia

Vocabulary: voters, citizens, representatives, parliament, bill (law), governor-general.

  • Conduct as described.

Activity 3: Class legislation

Vocabulary: legislation, purpose, favour, interpret, administer.

  • Adapt some of the language of the questions so ESL learners can understand.

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