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Focus question 2: What is a rule and what is a law?

ESL activities

Handout 2, 3, 4

Teacher instructions

Conduct all activities.
Handouts 2, 3, 4.

Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Activity 3 | Activity 4 | Activity 5 | Assessment | Further activities

Activity 1: What is a rule?

Vocabulary: rules, obey.

  • Conduct Activity 1 as described.
  • Select a situation with which the ESL learner is familiar.

Activity 2: What is a law?

Stories of Democracy

Vocabulary: law.

  • Conduct Activity 2 as described. Place ESL learners in pairs for viewing the Stories of Democracy CD ROM.

Activity 3: Road laws

Vocabulary: sight impairment, senior citizen, cancelled, care, responsibilities, punishment, vox pop.

  • Conduct Activity 3 as described.

Activity 4: Why we need road laws

  • Conduct Activity 4 as described.
  • Use groups rather than pairs for 4b.

Activity 5: Pick the rule, pick the law

  • Conduct Activity 5 as described.
  • For 5b and 5c (Handouts 3 and 4), allow ESL learners to work in pairs with students who have better spoken English, rather than individually.


  • Assess as described.

Further activities

The compilation of a class glossary with illustrated text would provide a valuable resource for ESL and other learners.

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