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Focus question 3: What can we learn from people who have worked outside parliament?

ESL activity

Teacher instructions

Conduct Activities 1 to 5. Activity 6 is optional.

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Activity 1: William Spence

Stories of Democracy

  • Conduct 1a and 1b as a small group exercise, placing ESL learners with students who have better spoken English.
  • Clarify difficult vocabulary and concepts in the biography. Note: Stories of Democracy CD ROM contains additional information on William Spence.

Vocabulary in William Spence biography: memorial, monument, trade union organiser, amalgamated, Australian Workers' Union, working conditions, pastoralist, get a better deal, go on strike, closed shops, draughty, unionism came as a religion, bringing salvation, tyranny, gauged, stand true to Union rules, scab, term of reproach, Australian Labor Party.

  • For 1c, select a confident group member to read the speech and conduct as described.
  • Conduct 1d as described.

Activity 2: A day in the life of a union organiser

Vocabulary: union organiser.

Activity 3: Achievements and personal qualities, skills and knowledge

Vocabulary: life experiences, union leader, personal qualities, conclusions.

Activity 4: Job description

Vocabulary: union organiser.

Activity 5: Jessie Street and equal rights for women

Activity 6: Gibbs and Nicholls (optional)

Vocabulary in the Pearl Gibbs biography: mourning, cooperative association, Aborigines Protection Board, boycott, segregation, racial discrimination, pension, exploited, apprenticed out, trust fund, rally, petition, Australian Constitution, referendum.

Vocabulary in the Sir Douglas Nicholls biography: pastor, foundation member, deputation, assimilation, social misfit, on the scrap-heap, group identity.

Assessment task

ESL learners can benefit by participating in the preparation for the assessment. They may feel less confident about performing in front of the class. If learners are willing, provide ample time for preparation and practice.

Unit assessment task 1: Crossword puzzle

This task presents significant demands for ESL learners. If using, place them in pairs with students who have better spoken English.

Unit assessment task 2: Letter to a friend

ESL learners complete part a of this assessment task. If necessary, allow them to complete it in pairs.

Assessment criteria

Adapt assessment criteria to the tasks completed by the ESL learner.

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