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Focus question 1: What is 'political activity'?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct all activities.

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Vocabulary: political, activity.

Activity 1: People in the news

Activity 2: Political activity 1

Vocabulary: political activity, non-political activity.

Activity 3: Political activity 2

Vocabulary: political party, politically active, parliamentarian.

Activity 4: A political situation at school

Stories of Democracy

Vocabulary: political situation, hang around, shove, strategy, supervise, bother, misunderstanding, fuss dies down, a good result.

  • Before beginning this activity, allow ESL learners, working in groups of three, to view Stories of Democracy CD ROM.
  • ESL learners continue to work in their groups of three.

Activity 5: A political situation in a factory

Activity 6: Celebrating politically active Australians

Vocabulary: monument, electorate, shire, municipality, memorial, biography, political achievements.
Stories of Democracy

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