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Focus question 4: How do the people rule in Australia?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct all activities.

Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Activity 3 | Activity 4 | Activity 5 | Assessment task 1

Activity 1: Population and democracy

Vocabulary: local council, shire, direct democracy, vote directly, permanent legal residents, representative democracy, citizenship, compulsory voting.

Activity 2: The House of Representatives and the Senate

Vocabulary: parliament, House of Representatives, members, electorate, candidate, Senate, governor-general, proposed law.

Activity 3: Voting

Substitute Activity 3 with the following:

Vocabulary: secret ballot.

Activity 4: More direct democracy for Australia?

Vocabulary: direct democracy, constitution, referendum, plebiscite, citizen-initiated referendum.

Substitute Activity 4 with the following:

Stories of  Democracy

Activity 5: Stories of Democracy CD ROM

  • ESL learners work in pairs to complete the 'Should the People Rule?' activity.

Assessment task: Interview - How do principles of democracy affect decision making in your life?

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