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Focus question 3: What was it like to live in a democracy in ancient Athens?

ESL activities

Teacher instructions

Conduct both activities.
Do Activity 2 first.

Activity 2 | Activity 1 | Assessment task

Activity 2: Contrasting Athens and Sparta

Stories of Democracy
Vocabulary: democracy, direct democracy, citizen, city-state, vote, chosen by lot, assembly, Plato, aristocracy, Council of 500, jury, trial, judge, Pericles, slaves, freedom, politics, oligarchy.

  • Display and discuss visual images illustrating life in ancient Athens and Sparta from Stories of Democracy CD ROM.
  • Discuss the contrasts.
  • Construct the table jointly with the class, providing cues to assist.

Activity 1: Crossword

  • Pair the ESL learner with a student who has better spoken English to complete the crossword.

Assessment task

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