Discovering Democracy Units
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State and Territory Links

State and Territory curriculum links are provided for each unit. You can access them either by clicking on the name of a unit in the table below or by clicking on 'State & Territory Links' from within a unit.

Themes Middle Primary Upper Primary Lower Secondary Middle Secondary
Who Rules? Stories of the People and Rules Parliament vs Monarch Should the People Rule? Parties Control Parliament
A Democracy Destroyed
Human Rights
Law and Rights Rules and Laws The Law Rules Law
The Australian Nation We remember The People make a Nation Democratic Struggles Making a Nation
What Sort of Nation?
Citizens and Public Life Joining In People Power Men and Women in Political Life Getting Things Done

You can also obtain more detailed information by accessing the following sites in your State or Territory.

ACT Website no longer available
NSW NSW Discovering Democracy professional development
NT Website no longer available
Qld Discovering Democracy Queensland
SA Website no longer available
Tas Website no longer available
Vic Website no longer available
WA Website no longer available

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