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Magnetic effect**

What is the magnetic effect of electricity?

What to use
Long nail, steel rod or metal knitting needle, thin insulated wire, power source (initially set at 2V), paper clips, a range of other objects some of which you believe will be attracted to a magnet and some which might not.
What to do Hints
  1. Wrap thin insulated wire around a long nail or steel rod many times.
  2. Connect the coil to a power supply.
  3. Turn the power on. You have created an electromagnet.
  4. Use your observation and some additional research if necessary, to answer these questions.
    1. Do the wires of the coil get warm? If they get hot, turn it off for a while.
    2. What is the effect of the electromagnet on paper clips?
    3. What other objects are attracted to the electromagnet?
    4. What metal are these made of?
    5. How does changing the voltage of the power supply change the effect of the electromagnet?
    6. What is an electromagnet?
    7. Where are electromagnets used?

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