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Energy and Change

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Find out about the TLF Energy and Change Learning Objects here!

Don’t forget to try the CASSP Energy and Change Unit.

The following table allows teachers to conduct a more exhaustive search for resources.
The top row will indicate new Energy and Change resources added to the EdNA database, while the lower rows include direct links to search the EdNA database preset for the indicated resources. These links will open in a new browser window.

New to EdNA:
EdNA Online Click the image for EdNA Online
Energy and Us resources:
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EdNA Online Click the image for EdNA Online
Energy Sources & Receivers resources:
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EdNA Online Click the image for EdNA Online
Transferring Energy resources:
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The University of New south Wales School of Physics

Includes Physclips waves and sound - a new project funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, plus many other senior physics resources, many animated. The school has received two of the Scientific American Science & Technology Web Awards 2005. One went to Music Acoustics for 'a compelling and harmonious compendium of research on the crossroads of physics and music'. Introduction to the acoustics of musical instruments - a series of web pages, with plenty of illustrations and sound files, which present an introduction to brass instruments, saxophone, clarinet, flute, violin, guitar and didjeridu.
The other was awarded to Einstein Light for 'a site that promises to teach the finer points of relativity in less time than it takes to eat a sandwich'.
Einstein Light for years 10 - 12, Music Acoustics for any interested student.
Added to the Lynx 15.11.2005, updated 21.05.2009.

Four Corners Broadband Edition: "Who's Afraid of Nuclear Power?"
Is Australia's aversion to nuclear power soundly based? Or are there lessons to be learned from other countries' experience?
Report available as 6 'chapters' plus a range of additional web content.
You will need a reasonable connection speed to download the Macromedia Flash files.
An excellent resource for those investigating the nuclear debate.

Molecular Expressions: Exploring the world of Optics and Microscopy
Some wonderful java applications - see Secret Worlds: The Universe Within, (Powers of 10) which starts at the galactic local cluster (10+23M) end ends in a swarm of quarks (10-16M). Many other useful and fast loading applets relating to optics (lenses, mirrors, reflection and colour) and microscopy, including biological microscopy, and lots of images. Items for purchase. Careful - read the 'Rules and Regulations for Image Use'. (Added to Lynx 14.04.05)

See Tech Topics described on the 'General' page.
Electricity includes electrons, conductors, insulators and circuits.

ANSTO Nuclear Science in Society

( updated url
The 12 topics in this resource, which explore aspects of nuclear science and technology, have been produced by ANSTO to help Years 7-10 students interpret the information they encounter. Each theme has three topics, each includes materials for the students and the teacher, as well as assessment activities. Themes: About radioactivity; Life in the nuclear age; Using radiation; Choosing nuclear futures. Includes pdf and Word downloads.

Also, subscribe to Velocity, the new quarterly e-newsletter that will explore breakthrough Australian science. Useful for teachers and students. Subscription link on the ANSTO homepage.

Senior Science
There are brochures for seniors (pdf format):
  • Probing Materials using Neutron Scattering
  • Ionising Radiation
  • Radioisotopes: their role in society today
  • National Medical Cyclotron
  • Glossary of Nuclear Terms
  • Managing radioactive waste fact sheet
  • Practising scientist profiles (4 available, 1 female)

NOTE: Website was last updated December 2005 - getting old!
Links to Energy related websites compiled by Jackie Miers, classified under General, Non-renewable [Oil, Coal, Natural gas, Nuclear], Renewable Energy [Geothermal, Hydropower, Biomass] and Energy Pioneers: Alcorn, Celsius, Curie, Dalton, Diesel, Drake, Edison, Einstein, Faraday, Gourdine, Joule, Latimer, Meitner, Newton, Ohm, Tesla, Volta and Woods.
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