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Who is the Arts EdNet tutorial for?
Why use the Internet?
What's in the Arts EdNet tutorial?

Welcome to the Arts EdNet tutorial.
If you are an Internet beginner and would like some basic tips, use the mouse pointer and click once here. Help Information on how to use the tutorial is on the next page.

If you would like to find more information on Curriculum Communities and the Arts EdNet project go to About the project.

Who is the Arts EdNet tutorial for?

The Arts EdNet tutorial could be for you if you are a primary or secondary Visual Arts educator and:

  • you haven't used the Internet much;
  • you want to find out what the Internet has to offer teachers and students;
  • you want to use the Internet as part of your curriculum.

Why use the Internet?

The Internet can give you access to many wonderful and exciting opportunities to incorporate information and communication technologies (ICT) into the classroom. Some of the advantages it can offer are:

  • convenient access to diverse resources to support the curriculum;
  • resources that will encourage students to think critically, analytically and imaginatively;
  • avenues of communication for both students and teachers;
  • opportunities for collaborative curriculum projects across schools;
  • opportunities for students to publish work for a broad audience by publishing on the Internet;
  • peer support and professional development for teachers through contact with teachers in other schools.

What's in the Arts EdNet tutorial?

The Arts EdNet tutorial comprises five modules, each containing readings, tasks and additional resources. The modules can be worked through sequentially or you can pick and choose sections to read depending on your interest and expertise.

Module 1: What's out there?

Exploring some Internet sites
Categorising Internet sites
Finding Internet sites
Using subject directories
Using search engines
More advanced searching

Module 2: Evaluating sites

Identify learning goals
Can you trust Internet sites?
Suitable for student access?

Module 3: Arts curriculum

Lesson plans
Internet resources
Developing curriculum

Module 4: Internet communication

Communication issues between schools
Mailing lists
Arts EdNet discussion group
Other mailing lists
Other forms of communication

Module 5: Collaborative projects

Collaborative Internet projects
Why collaborative projects?
Joining a collaborative project

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